About us

Paws N Play Secure Off Lease Dog Field Dog Park Freddie

Our Story

Meet Freddie, our very excitable but anxious Cocker Spaniel who will follow a scent ANYWHERE!   We soon realised we needed a safe and secure place we can exercise him to his required needs but avoid the stress.  Due to Freddies young age and strong instincts he does not want to return when his nose is to the ground.  He’s also too excited to meet new dogs and people and wants to run 100s of metres when he spots someone in the distance, but then isn’t confident when he gets there!    Hence why just playing on the local park does not work for us.   In a public place Freddie cannot cope with the numerous distractions around him to able to exercise him fully. 

We decided to build Paws n Play for him and others like him. 




What are Dog Parks for?

Is your dog not so ‘pawfectly’ behaved in a public place?


Does your dog have poor recall?


Is your dog anxious after a bad experience?


Or are they plain old grumpy around other dogs?


A private dog park session is perfect for you. 

You can rest assured that you can let your dog have some off leash fun, stimulation and exercise in a safe and secure location away from all the things that they and you find stressful.  


You can let your dog be the dog they deserve to be !


Our Park

At Paws n Play our dog park is a adventure playground for your four legged friends. 


We have agility equipment, doggy playground toys, tunnels, jumps and platforms.   With plenty of space to run, play fetch, build confidence and practice your training in a space with little distractions, Paws N Play Dog Park is a fantastic space to add to your dogs places to visit!


Our play equipment is made from 100% recycled Milk Bottles.  We have saved 9809 2pt containers from going to landfill. 


Our field is surrounded by a 1.8m high fence with additional fencing dug into the ground.   Our field is checked daily.